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[01 Nov 2006|07:54pm]

Hey guys,

I'm posting here to let you guys know about something that may be affecting the game for a while.

There was a serious fire at the camp where I work last Friday. We lost one of our buildings, which housed a lot of our supplies and all of our snakes and other animals, and it spread to the surrounding brush. Our staff had to evacuate over 100 people, and although no one was hurt, it was pretty traumatic for all of us. I also had a family member pass away this week.

As a result, game administration stuff is going to be pretty slow for a while. I may or may not be on the board, so if you guys have any questions, please refer them to Divine Providence or just to tea. If there's something that needs my personal attention, please PM it directly to Divine Providence and just tag it as such, and I will get back to you to answer questions when I am able. I'd prefer not to be asked game stuff over AIM right now.

Applications, storyline questions, and other things may also be left hanging for a while. Obviously, my priority is going to be dealing with real life stuff, not anything on the internet, so please be patient if it takes us a few weeks to get back to character applications for the new storyline. It will all happen in due time.

-- Sara

[01 Oct 2006|07:02pm]

Hey guys!

It's that time of year again!

It has become an annual tradition in Shiver to host a gift art exchange for Halloween. If you're interested in participating, we encourage you to sign up below.

The RulesCollapse )

The Sign-up FormCollapse )

And as an addition this time around, we are really asking people not to sign up unless they intend to complete the gift exchange. In the past, we've had lots of people get screwed over because they spent a really long time on someone else, only to get nothing in return because someone flaked. If you sign up for this exchange and don't carry through, you will not be allowed to participate in the big Secret Non-Denominational Present Giver Exchange for the Winter Holiday of Your Choice or Lack Thereof.
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Shiversecret! [01 Aug 2006|05:02pm]

In honor of ljsecret and postsecret, I thought it might be cool if we did something similar for the game.

If you guys haven't seen any of the secret communities before, people submit graphics with secrets written on them, and then they're posted anonymously in a mass post. You can check out either place for examples.

The Rules:

1. You can submit as many secrets as you like. Post them as a comment to this post (all comments will be screened). I will upload them to therogue.net and put them in a mass post together later this week so people can try and guess where each secret came from.

2. All secrets must be actual character secrets in the game, and they must be for a character that you yourself play.

3. As always, everything must be PG-13 and game appropriate.

Edit: 4. Please don't mention other characters by name. Just like in the real ljsecret, it makes it less secret and more obvious, so it will not be as cool to guess.

Questions can be asked here as well -- I'll unscreen those comments.
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[27 Jul 2006|05:01pm]

Board's back up.

The on-hold Vicarage scene will get finished tonight or Friday.

Everybody say thank you to teaberryblue for spending the past few days on the phone with our host to fix everything.
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[24 Jul 2006|04:57pm]

Hey guys.

So, in the capping off of a wonderful week, somebody hacked the board last night and uploaded a virus through the software. If you accessed it in Internet Explorer, it automatically downloaded a cvirus to your computer called xpladv771[1].wmf. No other files in the domain were affected but the /timber directory.

If you guys think there's a chance you could have gotten the virus, you should probably run a standard virus scan on your computer.

Our webhost is currently trying to figure out a way to fix the problem, but they said it could take a few business days. We've changed the board directory for now so nobody else accidently downloads the virus. We'll let you guys know when the message board is fixed and back up -- it should hopefully all be working by this weekend.
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[20 Jul 2006|09:43pm]

Observe, and be amazed!


For me, this is nirvana.
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On the Good Ship Lollypop! [22 Jun 2006|09:21pm]

Hey, guys!

So, we haven't really been getting a ton of applications for the whaleship, which is too bad, but we're trying to decide whether it makes sense to set up a different ship that might appeal more to new applicants and that our current players would have fun with, too.

This is very preliminary, since we just started discussing this, but we wanted to see where your interest is before we make any new plans to bring in another ship. For people in the game, which of the following options appeal to you?

--Continue the whaleship? (which we can probably do regardless if there is enough in-game interest)
--Start a new pirate or smuggling ship?
--Start a new privateering vessel with a different assignment than the Hunt's?
--Start a merchant ship?
--Something else!

If you have any ideas whatsoever, we would love to hear them. We're going to wait and see what kind of apps we're getting in the next week or two before deciding what makes sense to give the new players a space to play, but any ideas-- for type of ship, for storyline tie-in, for ship's motivation to be in St. Erasmus, whatever-- would be great right now!

Comment back to this post or let me or haruspexy know what you're thinking!
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[04 May 2006|06:43pm]

Hey guys!

As was posted recently, we're looking to finish up the Western storyline in the next week or two. We've got the storylines for the summer sketched out, so we wanted to give everyone a head's up as to available places for new characters.

I must to the sea again...Collapse )

As always, if anyone has any questions or would like help getting back into things after an absence, please let us know!
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End of Western Storyline! Beginning of Summer Storyline. [28 Apr 2006|10:52pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Howdy Y'all!

In approximately the next month, we're going to be wrapping up the Western storyline and jumping back to St. Erasmus and the 1600s.

If there are any storylines that you need to wrap up, please do so within the next few weeks. If you need help setting anything up, please contact us ahead of time and let us know. We can usually set something up with a few days' notice, but please don't wait until an hour or so before you want to play and hope we'll be able to do it, because we might not.

If you created a character after we jumped to the Wild West, we will be setting up a forum on the board where you can submit a new profile for your character that is suitable to the 1600s. We'll be putting up some guidelines there to make it easier for you.

We are also looking for storyline ideas for the summer. We have our major storyline in mind, but we'd love to get your suggestions as well! These can be for just your character or a small group, or for everyone in the game. We don't need to hear about general personal relationships (character Y is getting into a fight with character Z), but if you have something more plotty in mind (character Y is being haunted by the ghost of her dead terrier), be sure and let us know so we can see if it fits.

If you've been in the game for a while and are looking to pick up a second or third character, or if you would like a one-shot NPC for the storyline, PM us with any ideas you might have. We're going to be setting up a plot that will be heavily sailing-oriented, and we'll be introducing a whaling ship to the island, so new sailors will be welcome.

This will also be a really good time for any of you to get back into things if you haven't played in a while. Please feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to fill you in on what we have planned so far if you'd like to try to intro a new character or bring your old character back in.

We'll set up the planning forum for new characters as soon as we can. If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Signs that You Have Been Playing in Shiver for Far, Far Too Long [25 Apr 2006|12:53pm]

[ mood | silly ]

1) You've had a custom avatar made especially for you.
2) You have bugged the mods about "when are you going to kill off my NPC?"
3) You've read/reread an entire series of fantasy novels just to figure out what the hell's going on in any given storyline.
4) When Divine Providence appears on the online users list, your palms begin to sweat.
5) You giggle uncontrollably whenever you hear the word "eggplant".
6) Your favourite OTP contains at least one non-human.
7) You've used Google to cheat at Latin.
8) Your character has ever died more than once on the same day.
9) You know why socks are funny.
10) Your character has not only ironed his houseguest's laundry, but also his houseguest.
11) The night before a governor's ball, your characters make out their wills.
12) Your character remembers when there were actually pirates in this part of the Caribbean.
13) On more than one occasion, you've found yourself unable to start a new thread because you've run out of song-lyrics.
14) You've mentally corrected someone else's historical anachronisms . . .
15) . . . or gone back through your early posts and winced at your own anachronisms.
16) You sigh in relief that, no matter how weird things have gotten, at least your character never married a chicken.
17) You use "groceress" as a euphemism for "hooker".
18) You know why the rum is gone.
19) You have ever purchased any book solely for the purpose of researching something one of your characters would need to know.
20) You've been shocked to realise that any two characters are played by the same person.
21) Your character has formed a relationship with an NPC, even though you knew that the NPC was going to be offed by the end of the storyline.
22) Your character has ever been in a situation that was caused by, or can only be resolved by, summoning the devil.
24) A member of your character's immediate family can be added or replaced without arousing suspicion.
25) There are whole hour-long conversations that you can only have with other Shiver players because no one else will "get it".

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[04 Apr 2006|10:43am]

Hey guys! First of all, THIS ENTRY IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH SHIVER, but I do have permission to post this.

I'm writing a paper on online friendships and social implications, and I have to have 100 people fill out a survey, which can be found here. There are ten questions, answers can be as long or as short as you want, and your responses will be screened for your privacy. You can also post anonymously and I won't log your IP address.

I reeeeally need some responses, so if you reply I'll love you forever and send you cookies or a pastry of your choice. *winning smile*
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Could Ivy Trueman beat Pippin Applith? [21 Mar 2006|11:52pm]

This is our debate. Only you can decide.

Could Ivy Trueman beat up Pippin Applith?
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[10 Feb 2006|11:16am]

Hey guys!

Since the Western storyline is getting rolling, we wanted to check in with everyone and see if anybody had any ideas for plots or cool Wild West stuff to do.

If you have any ideas for Western plotlines, tall tales that would work well in the game, or just something neat that could happen with your character, please let us know! We're just brainstorming right now, so we want to get as many different suggestions as possible before we decide what will work best for the storyline. We are particularly looking for either Western-style stories or plots that can be run for one group of characters (like the teenagers or the Cavalry men).

All comments are screened, so please feel free to either post back here with ideas or PM Divine Providence!
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New Storyline! (Cross-posted to st_dymphnas) [31 Jan 2006|04:03pm]

Hey, all!

In case for some reason you've missed it, we will be wrapping up the new storyline and jumping very soon (most likely tonight!).

To play in the spring storyline in Shiver and Dymphna's, you need to submit a new character blurb in this forum. There are plenty of posts there explaining what is going on, but in case you've been totally out of the loop, the game is going to be taking place in a Wild West setting instead of a colonial setting for a few months.

If you have any questions or need help, please PM Divine Providence, IM one of us, or just ask here!
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[27 Jan 2006|08:00pm]

This is Julie (Pol Thurston, Lyn Ruxpin) but I decided to make another account on here for Ellis because he's so diffrent (and I have way too much time on my hands!)
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A couple quick things [22 Jan 2006|01:09am]

Hey, guys!

We've gotten a couple apps for older women and kids lately, and we are running out of spaces to put them in families, so we were hoping a couple of you would volunteer to take fathers or husbands for middle class families in town.

Some suggestions we have are for an apothecary or a town doctor, both of which we'd like to have, anyhow. If you have another idea for a townsperson that you'd really like to try, let us know. If you pick up a father/husband character, we will not count him toward your character total.

Just let us know if you're interested-- you can pm DP, IM one of us, or just reply here.

And we'll get together the info for the next storyline in the next couple of days, so we'll get that to you all as soon as we can!
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[03 Jan 2006|02:31am]

Taking my cue from jack_graves, I have decided to create a character journal and also introduce myself here.

Um... basics, I'm Lauren, I'm nineteen, living in Tennessee, in my first year of college. I'm double-majoring in English and Theatre, and toying with a graphic design minor. I play Lizzy Hindman on Shiver (as you may or may not have been able to tell) =) and... that is all. =D
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Hey! [02 Jan 2006|08:34pm]

Hey everyone! I play Jack Graves. Just saying hello since I'm relatively new.
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The Great Christmas Carol Revolt of 2005 [21 Dec 2005|12:29pm]

I knew it was bad yesterday when I was going out to get coffee and the only thing on any radio station in southern Califonia was apparently varying versions of their Christmas Eve soundtrack. Quite frankly, I have reached the point where another jingle-jolly melody is going to send me from mildly despising holiday music into a righteous rage the likes of which the world has not seen since Moses managed to part the Red Sea.

So, to prevent that, I propose The Great Shiver Song Swap of 2005...Collapse )

And, to start off, I give you:

Lanclott Wheeler - Navigator by The Pogues and 100 Years Ago by the Rolling Stones, who may not be obscure but whom one can never get too much of.
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300000! [05 Dec 2005|08:57pm]

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