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tea berry-blue

A couple quick things

Hey, guys!

We've gotten a couple apps for older women and kids lately, and we are running out of spaces to put them in families, so we were hoping a couple of you would volunteer to take fathers or husbands for middle class families in town.

Some suggestions we have are for an apothecary or a town doctor, both of which we'd like to have, anyhow. If you have another idea for a townsperson that you'd really like to try, let us know. If you pick up a father/husband character, we will not count him toward your character total.

Just let us know if you're interested-- you can pm DP, IM one of us, or just reply here.

And we'll get together the info for the next storyline in the next couple of days, so we'll get that to you all as soon as we can!
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I applied before the Italian storyline with Peter Harwood, a middle-aged male. He was never registered, so I figured I'd offer him up for this (I'll reapply with him if I have to). He was working class, but I could tweak that if you'd like.
Ahhh, I don't remember ever getting that app, and I know we suggested you take on another character. Do you mind sending it in again? Sometimes the form mail gets screwy.
No prob. That's odd, though, because I got an email back from y'all about it saying you'd add him in later. No matter, I'll apply again right now.
If it happened before the Italian stuff, it was while I was just getting back from Europe. It might have gotten sent out while somebody else was running apps, or while things were a mess during the transition.

Sorry about that!
I don't mind playing a doctor.
If you guys need parents, I bet Briahna wouldn't mind if the Reeds suddenly had a kid running around the house. :) Or something. Because I don't care if they stay childless or not.
Bart's family in England could well have sent him over a wife- or i could just pretend he had always had a family if you wanted. Though I would pity his poor wife!


January 28 2006, 03:54:19 UTC 11 years ago

I sent in an application for a middle class carpenter. I was having some browser problems though, so I'm not sur if it was actually sent.
You can pop some more kids in with Ellis and Esther, I know she wouldn't mind, we were hoping for more kids. You could also give Ellis a younger sister who came over and is staying with his family, I wouldn't mind that either :D