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Signs that You Have Been Playing in Shiver for Far, Far Too Long

1) You've had a custom avatar made especially for you.
2) You have bugged the mods about "when are you going to kill off my NPC?"
3) You've read/reread an entire series of fantasy novels just to figure out what the hell's going on in any given storyline.
4) When Divine Providence appears on the online users list, your palms begin to sweat.
5) You giggle uncontrollably whenever you hear the word "eggplant".
6) Your favourite OTP contains at least one non-human.
7) You've used Google to cheat at Latin.
8) Your character has ever died more than once on the same day.
9) You know why socks are funny.
10) Your character has not only ironed his houseguest's laundry, but also his houseguest.
11) The night before a governor's ball, your characters make out their wills.
12) Your character remembers when there were actually pirates in this part of the Caribbean.
13) On more than one occasion, you've found yourself unable to start a new thread because you've run out of song-lyrics.
14) You've mentally corrected someone else's historical anachronisms . . .
15) . . . or gone back through your early posts and winced at your own anachronisms.
16) You sigh in relief that, no matter how weird things have gotten, at least your character never married a chicken.
17) You use "groceress" as a euphemism for "hooker".
18) You know why the rum is gone.
19) You have ever purchased any book solely for the purpose of researching something one of your characters would need to know.
20) You've been shocked to realise that any two characters are played by the same person.
21) Your character has formed a relationship with an NPC, even though you knew that the NPC was going to be offed by the end of the storyline.
22) Your character has ever been in a situation that was caused by, or can only be resolved by, summoning the devil.
24) A member of your character's immediate family can be added or replaced without arousing suspicion.
25) There are whole hour-long conversations that you can only have with other Shiver players because no one else will "get it".
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