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On the Good Ship Lollypop!

Hey, guys!

So, we haven't really been getting a ton of applications for the whaleship, which is too bad, but we're trying to decide whether it makes sense to set up a different ship that might appeal more to new applicants and that our current players would have fun with, too.

This is very preliminary, since we just started discussing this, but we wanted to see where your interest is before we make any new plans to bring in another ship. For people in the game, which of the following options appeal to you?

--Continue the whaleship? (which we can probably do regardless if there is enough in-game interest)
--Start a new pirate or smuggling ship?
--Start a new privateering vessel with a different assignment than the Hunt's?
--Start a merchant ship?
--Something else!

If you have any ideas whatsoever, we would love to hear them. We're going to wait and see what kind of apps we're getting in the next week or two before deciding what makes sense to give the new players a space to play, but any ideas-- for type of ship, for storyline tie-in, for ship's motivation to be in St. Erasmus, whatever-- would be great right now!

Comment back to this post or let me or haruspexy know what you're thinking!
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It seemed to me like the Hunt had a wide appeal, so... maybe another privateer ship? *shrug* I think the whaler's cool, so who knows, but maybe if there was a privateer ship with their own plot, it would get more applications.
Mission? I have no idea at the moment. ;)
If you guys need people for the whaler, I can send in an application sometime next week, too.
If you guys end up nixing the whaling ship, do those who have whaler character get to transfer their characters over to the new ship?
I think we would figure it out based on what you guys want to do. At very least, you would probably have a chance to pick up someone on the new ship.

Deleted comment

I agree. Pirates!
I don't remember ever getting a whaler app from you. The only one we got was for the workhouse girl.
How about a salvage vessel looking for some sunken treasure ship?

That could easily be tied in with piracy.
If the Angus isn't taking off, I wouldn't mind tossing Mac for a different sailor. However,I liked the whale ship idea because we hadn't done something like it before. The privateer ship shindig, though awesome, has been done (and exploded) recently.
Pirate ships are probably the ones most likely to recieve apps, but the one trying to salvage something would also be cool- it could be some sort of mystery they were trying to solve.


July 5 2006, 02:45:22 UTC 10 years ago


Actually not sure if this is possible, but what about opening up ships like La Santa Sangre for applications? :D
Well, other than the two main villains, because those characters are all antagonists, they usually get killed within a few scenes. And they can't interact in town because they would be arrested. So it's sort of a stupid thing to let a new player do for a main character; they wouldn't really be able to play.