X (haruspexy) wrote in shivermytimber,


In honor of ljsecret and postsecret, I thought it might be cool if we did something similar for the game.

If you guys haven't seen any of the secret communities before, people submit graphics with secrets written on them, and then they're posted anonymously in a mass post. You can check out either place for examples.

The Rules:

1. You can submit as many secrets as you like. Post them as a comment to this post (all comments will be screened). I will upload them to therogue.net and put them in a mass post together later this week so people can try and guess where each secret came from.

2. All secrets must be actual character secrets in the game, and they must be for a character that you yourself play.

3. As always, everything must be PG-13 and game appropriate.

Edit: 4. Please don't mention other characters by name. Just like in the real ljsecret, it makes it less secret and more obvious, so it will not be as cool to guess.

Questions can be asked here as well -- I'll unscreen those comments.
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