X (haruspexy) wrote in shivermytimber,

The Great Christmas Carol Revolt of 2005

I knew it was bad yesterday when I was going out to get coffee and the only thing on any radio station in southern Califonia was apparently varying versions of their Christmas Eve soundtrack. Quite frankly, I have reached the point where another jingle-jolly melody is going to send me from mildly despising holiday music into a righteous rage the likes of which the world has not seen since Moses managed to part the Red Sea.

So, to prevent that, I propose

1. Go to http://www.yousendit.com/ or the file-hosting service of your choice.
2. Upload a song that relates to a character, group, scene, storyline, or the game in general. And let's make it obscure songs, people! None of this 2005 pop nonsense.
3. Post it! And then we will all have something to listen to besides awful Christmas carols.

And, to start off, I give you:

Lanclott Wheeler - Navigator by The Pogues and 100 Years Ago by the Rolling Stones, who may not be obscure but whom one can never get too much of.
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