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Hey guys!

As was posted recently, we're looking to finish up the Western storyline in the next week or two. We've got the storylines for the summer sketched out, so we wanted to give everyone a head's up as to available places for new characters.

With the POTC 2 movie coming out in July, the summer storyline is going to focus on pirates. Sailors are still available on the Dante's Revenge and on the HMS Leda, of course, who will be able to get into the piratey happenings.

We are also going to introduce the Angus, a whaling ship from Dundee, Scotland. This ship is going to work a lot like the Noble Hunt did with its own private storylines, and we encourage anyone who doesn't already have a sailor (and even those who might!) to think about taking up a whaler. These will be men in their twenties and older who have signed on for a voyage lasting years at sea in hopes of bringing home a fortune in whale oil. We would especially like active characters who will investigate or get involved in plotlines, and as always, older characters can be more skilled.

The Angus will be bringing a contingent of scientists with it, looking to learn about the Caribbean for the Aberdeen Explorer's Club. If anyone is interested in picking up someone like a geologist, a botanist, or a biologist, let us know, but these characters are going to be extremely limited because they will have a big plotline.

There will also be a storyline centered around a work house that will open on the island and will be staffed by young women brought in from England (mostly to give us an excuse to accomodate all those teenaged girls apps we get every summer :P). This storyline is going to be geared mostly towards new players, but if anyone is interested in picking up an antagonist (i.e., a bitchier girl possibly with a plot of her own), let us know and we can talk things over.

As always, if anyone has any questions or would like help getting back into things after an absence, please let us know!
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